Summer Camps

 Learning through fun all summer long.

Feel the S.T.E.A.M. 

Musical Summer Camps

For Ages 6 - 15

For Ages 4 -7


Licensed KiddyKeys instructors!

Certified WunderKeys instructors!

Certified Occupational Octaves instructor!

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Where are camps held?

All camps are held at 12808 Medina River Way in Steiner Ranch.


When are the camps held?

When do I need to pick up my child?

If your child is not attending a full day of camp, pick-up time will be immediately following the end of the attended camp.  Pick up times are 11:30 am, 2:30 pm, and 5:00 pm unless extended care option has been chosen.

Do you offer extended care?

Yes.  Before and after the camp you can select extended care for a set price of $125/week. 8:00 - 9:30 am and 5:00 - 6:00 pm are the extended care hours.

What is the price for camps?

The more camps your child attends in a week, the lower the price of each camp!

One camp = $185/week

Two camps = $340/week

Three camps = $465/week     Most Value!

Extended Care = $50/week

3 day camp price (Aug. 10 - 12) = $111 for each camp that week

Fill out the form below and you'll get a confirmation email from us about the camps you'd like to attend. You will not be invoiced for camp selections until you confirm via email your camp selections: