♪ What can I expect?

At Trevelise Musique, we provide fun, engaging online and in-person music instruction to all ages and abilities. We want to develop a life-long love and desire regarding learning and playing music! We provide instruction that moves at the pace of each unique student. We love utilizing engaging materials, music, backing tracks, teacher duet parts, ensemble options, rhythm work (cup rhythms are our favorite!) and games for our students during lessons to help reinforce the musical concepts being taught.

♪ What if I've never taken lessons before?

Not a problem! You can start music lessons at any age! We'll have all of the books and materials you'll need ready for you at your first lesson. ☺

♪ Do I need a keyboard/piano/guitar/violin/drumset etc. before lessons start?

Yes! If you're not quite sure what to purchase, contact the local businesses below and they can help you find the right intstrument/fit.  When first venturing into a new instrument, you might decide to wait to purchase, and rent instead. In most cases, your rental fees can go towards the purchase of the instrument once you're sure you've found the right match. 

Capital Music Center (amazing Roland keyboard and drum sets to rent for as little as $39/month! Highly recommended. Mention that you're signing up to take lessons with Trevelise Musique, and they'll discount your rental or purchase price!)

Strait Music (guitar and wind rentals)

Austin Strings (violin, viola, cello, and double bass rentals) 

Guitar Center (guitar rentals)

♪ What times/days are available for lessons?

Trevelise Musique offers lessons during the week as well as on the weekends. Each teacher has their own schedule, so we will find the best day and time for you to have your lesson. Most lessons are held online via Zoom during COVID-19 outbreak, though there are some teachers who are teaching in-person in student's homes (with safety measures in place). 

♪ Where are we located?

Trevelise Musique serves the greater Austin area (and beyond!) with online and in-person music lessons, empowering students by mixing music with technology to create lifelong musicians.

♪ Do we host recitals?

Yes! We recognize that performing and sharing music with others is such a wonderful gift to give! We host recitals in Steiner Ranch in spring and right before Christmas break every year. We encourage students to participate in at least one recital each year. Registration for recitals can be done through the online calendar on our website. Recital fee is $25/student. Recital format for spring 2020 is TBD and has been pushed to July 25 - 26 weekend.

♪ How do I pay for lessons?

Invoices are emailed out at the beginning of every month. You can make a safe and secure payment online using PayPal or credit card. If you or your child is attending a class session (violin, choir, or KiddyKeys), then an invoice will be emailed to you, and payment should be made within 7 days of receiving invoice to hold your spot in the class.

How much do lessons cost?

Private lessons: $37/30 minutes,  $55.50/45 minutes, and $74/60 minutes 

Accelerated  Piano Classes: $37/60 minutes, mixed ages and abilities

Beginner Guitar and Ukulele Classes: $37/60 minutes

KiddyKeys: $228/19 weeks, 60 minute classes, ages 3 - 5 (12 students max. per class)***

Musical Theater Class: $285/18 weeks***

♪ What if I miss a lesson? 

Each student or parent has their own login and password to our website where they can access their lesson schedule with their teacher. If you are going to miss a private lesson, you can mark yourself as absent before the first of the month, and you will not be billed. For emergencies or sudden illness during the month after being billed, a makeup lesson credit is given. To redeem a makeup lesson credit, login to our website with your login credentials and sign up for a makeup lesson that fits your schedule. Up to two makeup credits can be redeemed each semester. 

***For our our Musical Theater Classes and KiddyKeys sessions, we are not able to offer makeup credits if a student misses a class.***

♪♪♪ We look forward to sharing the joy of music with you! Please contact us with any other questions you might have!